Best Tea Franchise in India

How is Chaai Seth best tea franchise in India under 6-7 lac of budget. Let us Understand How and Why Chaai Seth can be a Best Tea Franchise in India Tea being a all weather drink is not affected by th...

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How to Get a Franchise Business opportunity? A case Study. 

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Franchise business opportunity is grooming day by day. People are more into investing, rather than Expense!


A very common example is Mr. Amit who is an engineer by Profession. He is continuously looking for a side business for a passive income source. And since he does not have a proper experience in business, he is looking for someone for the same. 

After searching many business ideas, he thought to take a franchise. As the franchiser has good knowledge and experience about franchise in the market. He contacted the franchiser for the franchise, but the franchise fee and total franchise setup is very high. 

Since Mr. Amit is new into Business, he thinks to start we a nominal investment. 
Mr. Amit has following points in his mind-

*How will I get a good franchise?
*How will I get a good franchise in low and nominal investment?
* will the franchise work?
* Whats supports will I get in the franchise (as he himself is a working professional.)

These all are very common and genuine examples and set of questions when someone is curiously looking for a Franchise. 

If you are into Job, or other business and wants to take a franchise, it becomes hard for you to get involved into the franchise.

Mr. Amit contacted us regarding the franchise business opportunity. 
He was already impressed with the concept we have for the franchise. As the franchise fee is low. The Franchise setup cost is nominal. And the services he will get is genuine.

The Franchise fee is INR 2.5 lacs for Kiosk, and the Franchise fee of Cafe Model is INR 3.5 lacs. The total investment for Chaai Seth kiosk model franchise is just 6-7 lacs, and total investment for Chaai Seth Cafe model franchise is INR 9-10 lacs. 

We recommend him to start with a nominal investment for the franchise, and the franchise type is again something that does not have a single or special target factor.  We at Chaai Seth franchise has the Menu that every Indian of every walk of life consumes that too 3-5 times per day. The menu pricing that we have in chaai Seth franchise is again as per local cost. 

We do not need Professional high Rated chefs to handle the franchise outlet. We only need semi skilled people for the same. 

Again, if the owner is not in the franchise outlet, we provide the owner the franchise software. Where he can easily track the per sales generated in the Franchise outlet. 

There are many more working professionals who are working and want to start something as their side businesses. 

Chaai Seth franchise will be a good option for them to start. And to put their first leg into the business, even without having any knowledge about the business or Franchise. 




List down are services that we provide to our Esteemed Chaai Seth( Bractburd Franchise)-

*Pre and Post Digital Marketing Support: We basically target your local area. And start promoting as Chaai Seth Franchise coming soon, this give hype to the local market and you get a good footfall during the opening day.


*Staffs Support : We at Chaai Seth franchise provides you staffs support if you are getting issues in getting the staffs. 


*Time to time Menu Elaboration: Today, customer is very fond of social media. Every time they see something new, they ask it to the nearest outlet. we at Chaai Seth franchise keep on adding new menu to our bucket to get in eyes of the youths and to be in regular touch with our beloved customers. 


*Raw Material tie-up: Chaai Seth Franchise has special ingredients to touch the soul of their end to end customers. We provide all the tea leaves and main ingredients from our side. Rest the dairy products are taken locally for the easy daily operations of the franchise. 


If you are seriously looking for a Tea & Snacks franchise, give us a call today before someone from your locality already books the area for himself. 




We are offering 3 models for franchise

Kiosk Model


Total Investment : Around 6-7 LACS (INCLUDING FRANCHISE FEES)

Area: 60 sq Feet to 120 Sq Feet.

Menu : 10+ Variety of Tea, Pakoda & some add ons.

Cafe Model


Total Investment : Around 9-10 LACS (INCLUDING FRANCHISE FEES)

Area: 120 sq Feet to 240 Sq Feet.

Menu : 10+ Variety of Tea, Pakoda, Snacks, Shakes, Mojito, & many add ons.


Premium Model


Total Investment : Around 14-15 LACS (INCLUDING FRANCHISE FEES)

Area: 240 sq Feet to 350 Sq Feet.

Menu : 10+ Variety of Tea, Pakoda, Snacks, Shakes, Mojito, Burger, Pasta, fried rice & many add ons.