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Our Unique taste of blended spices will thrill you.


Tea is no more a item of refreshment. It is way more than refreshment when you visit our stores.A symbol of Luxury, Pride & Excitements.


If you are planning to be a proud owner and wants to hold a tea franchise, your search ends here.



  • A well proven Business Model
  • Minimum Investment
  • Fastest ROI
  • A to Z ‘Pre and Post Opening’ support
  • Quality, Tested, Fresh and Authentic Ingredients
  • Trained Staffs Support
  • Software Support
  • Time to Time Strategic Meetings
  • India’s fastest growing Tea Chain


We are offering 2 model for franchise

Kiosk Model


Total Investment : Around 3-4 LACS (INCLUDING FRANCHISE FEES)

Area: 60 sq Feet to 120 Sq Feet.

Menu : 20+ Variety of Tea, Pakoda & some add ons.

Cafe Model


Total Investment : Around 5-6 LACS (INCLUDING FRANCHISE FEES)

Area: 120 sq Feet to 250 Sq Feet.

Menu : 30+ Variety of Tea, Pakoda, Snacks, Shakes, Mojito, & many add ons.